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This might be the most corrupt town in Florida

A town of only 500 may be wiped off the map due to its rampant corruption. The town of Hampton, Fl is considered to be so corrupt that the state of Florida wants to eradicate it all together.

The mayor, who is currently incarcerated for selling Oxycontin, even admits that the town council members are crooks. The state audited the town and found around $132,000 of taxpayer money was spent at a nearby convenience store, reports the Washington Times.

Former Hampton mayor Jim Mitzel, hypothesized that the money was spent on “a lot of cigarettes and beer and what-have-you.” The town’s police cars weren’t even insured.

With one cop for every 25 residents, the police force mainly wrote traffic tickets. One local sheriff said, “It became ‘serve and collect’ instead of  ’serve and protect. Do y’all remember the old ‘Dukes of Hazzard’? Boss Hogg? They make Boss Hogg look like a Sunday school teacher.”

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