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Dad of the year lets kid in stroller roll down hill so he can grab a baseball

Spring training brings out die-hard baseball fans to watch their favorite teams gear up for the season. One fan showed his ultimate loyalty by sacrificing his child’s well being to catch a home-run ball.

The video, posted to, shows New York Mets outfielder Chris Young hit to deep right center against the Miami Marlins. The ball bounced into a grassy knoll where fans were watching. One guy got so excited at grabbing the ball that he let go of the red wagon in which his son was sitting. The wagon began to accelerate down the hill towards the fence.

Luckily for the little boy, the father realized what he had done and caught the wagon before it collided with the fence. Unluckily for the father, he didn’t even snag the ball and know everyone has seen his questionable parental instincts.

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