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The flap back: Flappy Bird creator considers returning game to app stores

After depriving the world of the former number one mobile game hit, the creator of “Flappy Bird” might bring the infamous yellow bird back home to roost.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, game designer Dong Nguyen said he may bring the game back with the inclusion of a warning urging players to take a break between flapping adventures.

Nguyen pulled the game from its number one spot on both the Apple and Android app stores just over a month ago because he feared it was too addictive.

Despite the resulting surge of attention, interview requests, diplomatic invitations, criticism and even death threats, the 28-year-old who lived with his parents in Hanoi, Vietnam is still “considering” its return.

Beyond discussing the game’s possible comeback, Nguyen talked about his original Nintendo-era inspiration for the game’s simple graphics and mechanics, and why he felt the busy city lives of Hanoi natives would match up perfectly with the game’s design.

Since the success of Flappy Bird, which Nguyen estimates made him about $50,000 per day in ad sales after Google and Apple’s 30 percent stake, two of Nguyen’s other games have risen into the top 10. The programmer plans to continue making games with his simple game design philosophy.

Read Nguyen’s entire interview with Rolling Stone here.

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