Three deer killed by two dogs in animal rampage INSIDE middle school [VIDEO]

It was a chaotic scene in the wee hours of Monday morning after two dogs chased three deer through the glass door of a rural Maryland middle school.

A surveillance camera inside Southern Middle School in Lothian, Md. captured a glimpse of the carnage, according to Baltimore-area ABC affiliate WMAR. (See the video below.)

The drama began around 4 a.m.

“Three deer came through a door next to the cafeteria, followed by two dogs,” Bob Mosier, a spokesman for the Anne Arundel County school district, told The Washington Post. “Suffice it to say that a chase ensued in the hallways.”

The dogs were a German shepherd and a part-Lab mix.

Police responded to an alarm that went off as a result of the busted door. They found shards of glass, overturned chairs and a general melee.

The cops also witnessed one of the deer getting mauled on the floor by the German shepherd.

A second deer with bite marks was “sitting on the floor in distress.”

Police found the third deer in a narrow hallway. That deer later died on its own from severe injuries.

Animal control officials later euthanized the two deer that had not yet died.

The part-Lab was the last animal police found. It was running around in some undisclosed area of the school.

School district officials closed the middle school (and the elementary school temporarily housed in the middle school) for a day to clean up the mess caused by the slaughter.

School officials estimated that the repairs cost between $3,000 and $5,000.

“It was a pretty gory scene,” Mosier told the Post.

The dogs will apparently get to live. Police were able to track down their owners at a residence nearby.



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