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House intel chair: Malaysian flight’s disappearance ‘an intentional, deliberate act’ [VIDEO]

House intelligence chairman Mike McCaul called Malaysian Air Flight 370′s disappearance “an intentional, deliberate act,” suspecting that the pilots were involved but not ruling out terrorism.

McCaul spoke with Fox News’ Chris Wallace on a panel also including Peter Goetz, former head of the National Transportation and Safety Board. “What is your latest information on what happened to Flight 370 and where it is now?” Wallace asked the Texas Republican congressman.

“Well there’s still a lot of mystery behind this,” he responded. “One thing we do know: this was not an accident. It was an intentional, deliberate act to bring down this airplane.”

“We don’t have any evidence this is terrorist-related,” McCaul later asserted, “although you can’t rule that out at this point in time… I think all the evidence though, Chris, is pointing towards the cockpit, towards the pilot and the co-pilot.”

But that doesn’t mean they know why the pilots hijacked their own aircraft. “The motivation and intent — as a former federal prosecutor, I’m always concerned about — is unclear at this point in time,” McCaul claimed.

The intelligence chairman also did not entirely exclude the possibility that the aircraft may have landed intact in Indonesia, Kazakhstan or elsewhere as part of an Islamic terror plot — and that the plane may later be used as a weapon.

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