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Obama advisor Dan Pfeiffer declares Dems ‘will keep the Senate’ in 2014 [VIDEO]

Key Obama advisor Dan Pfeiffer told NBC’s David Gregory on Sunday that Democrats “will keep the Senate,” despite Gregory’s concern that President Barack Obama is now “more of a liability than an asset” for his party in November.

Gregory grilled Pfeiffer on Democrats’ prospects this fall, after declining poll numbers and a Republican win in a Florida special election put his party in the defensive heading into the 2014 midterms.

The White House aide claimed that despite a 41 percent approval rating, “we have stabilized and we’re working our way back. And if you look at the aggregate of public polling, we’ve gained three points in the last several months.”

“Here’s what the president is going to do,” Pfeiffer continued. “He is going to lay out the terms of the debate in this election as a choice between Democrats who support an agenda of opportunity for all, [and] Republicans who support an agenda of opportunity for a few.”

“And let’s not forget, this president wrote the book on running and winning modern campaigns,” he added. “So we’re going to take all of our resources and help Democrats up and down the ballot. So technology –”

“Right, but do they want your help?” Gregory interjected. “Is the president more of a liability than he is an asset at this stage for Democrats?”

“Look,” Pfeiffer responded. “We are going to set the terms of the debate, we are going to provide our organizational ability to help Democrats raise money. We want to help them in every way we can, and –”

“Liability or asset?” Gregory pressed.

“The president will be an asset in every way possible to help these candidates,” Pfeiffer asserted.

The White House advisor went on to deny that Obamacare was a factor in the Republican’s special election win in Florida, claiming it was “not a factor.” And he predicted that despite dissatisfaction with President Obama, the Democrat’s Senate majority will remain intact.

“I believe we will keep the Senate,” Pfeiffer declared. “We have great candidates with experience winning in tough states, and we’re on the right side of the issues.”

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