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Here’s video of the golf accident that is getting Playboy sued

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Last week, news broke that Playboy model Liz Dickinson is suing Playboy for injuries sustained during a golf publicity stunt. Now TMZ has obtained video footage of the stunt that went awry.

Dickinson is seeking $500,000 for the walloping her buttocks received after the cohost of the Playboy Morning Show stuck a golf tee in it and attempted to drive the ball. (SEE RELATED: Model allowed golf tee in her butt, got whacked with golf club, sues Playboy.)

“No wonder this chick’s so teed off — TMZ has obtained video of model Liz Dickson taking that golf club to her ass at a Playboy event … and it’s gnarly as hell,” TMZ writes.

It may not be worth half a million, but it still looks pretty painful.


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