7 famous missing planes [SLIDESHOW]

Air flight has fascinated Americans since the Wright brothers.

But with that wonder comes a certain amount of risk.

Even the best and most experienced pilots sometimes falter and at such great heights not much can be done in a time of chaos.

From fatal crashes to spooky disappearances, these missing planes are mysteries we may never solve.


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  • Korean Air Lines Flight 007 was shot down by Russian fighter pilots in 1983. The Soviet Union kept the U. S. from searching the area so the aircraft was never discovered. (Photo: Benjamin B. Fischer/ Wikimedia Commons)
  • This KC-135 model is the same model of the ARIA 331 that crashed on its way to Hawaii in 1971. Civilians and members of the Air Force aboard this flight were never seen again. (Photo: United States Air Force/ Wikimedia Commons)
  • Here is a DC-4 model that is similar to the Northwest 2501 that was lost over Lake Michigan in 1950. (Photo: Edgardo E. Carbajal/ Wikimedia Commons)
  • This is a DC-3 model that is similar to the Miami DC-3 that crashed in 1948 and was never found. (Photo: RuthAs/ Wikimedia Commons)
  • A. C. Whitfield flew a silver-and-red Taylor club plane like this replica. In 1938, he was thought to have crashed somewhere near an island in New York. (Photo: Ahunt/ Wikimedia Commons)
  • On Amelia Earhart's last flight in 1937, her plane crashed, and no remains were found. (Photo: Alaniaris/ Wikimedia Commons)
  • Charles Nungesser and Francoid Coli flew the "White Bird" in 1927 and were never found. (Photo: Anonymous/ Wikimedia Commons)