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Elon Musk LOVES this fake Tesla ad

Impressing the billionaire founder of three companies inventing the future of cars, space exploration and energy is a pretty successful marketing model, as one ad agency upstart found out after making a fake commercial for Elon Musk’s Tesla Model S.


Everdream Pictures posted the one-minute spot titled “Modern Spaceship” to YouTube last week. Shortly after the SpaceX, Tesla and SolarCity founder tweeted his appreciation.

The ad quickly made its way onto Tesla’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and Musk has since said he will likely hire the agency for work on future projects.

Everdream’s young, recent University of Southern California graduates wrote, shot and produced the spot on a $1,500 budget – most of which was spent on a trip to a Tesla owner’s home near San Francisco, Mashable reports.

The low cost of production, which smartly featured two of Musk’s interests – cars and rockets – was likely a big draw to Tesla. Despite the company’s recent success (its stock is up 625 percent), the company has yet to establish a marketing budget, and does not run ads. Until now.

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