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CNN Headline News: Hey, let’s ask a psychic about that missing Malaysian plane

CNN’s endless coverage of this story is giving them a ratings boost — from a distant third place to a distant second place — so they’re milking it for all it’s worth. You can’t really blame them. That is, unless you have a single ounce of human decency.

Last night, CNN’s sister network HLN finally hit the low point in the coverage so far. Yes, even lower than Don Lemon speculating about supernatural forces and black holes and stuff.

Watch the video above, if you haven’t yet.

“I tend to work off what I don’t know.” Looks like they’ve found the perfect replacement for Piers Morgan.

There were almost 250 people on that plane. Their survivors are clinging to any shred of hope they can find. And these vultures are feeding on their pain for ratings. No theory is too outlandish, no “expert” too nauseating. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Wolf Blitzer gut a live chicken on the air and read the entrails for clues.

Don Henley called this one a long time ago:

And it’s only gotten worse.

(Hat tip: Noah Rothman)