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Joe Biden: Obama deserves ‘sainthood’ for his patience during disastrous Obamacare rollout

Vice President Joe Biden said Friday that President Obama should be “nominated for sainthood” for his patience during the botched rollout of Obamacare and, claiming he was as “frustrated as anyone you ever knew.”

Biden made the holy gaffe during a talk at the National Association of Community Health Centers Friday morning. He lauded the health-care professionals for their perseverance in explaining the complex health-care overall to prospective enrollees — despite the fact that “we didn’t help you much at the front end here, man.”

“My boss, my friend President Obama is an incredibly patient man,” the vice president asserted. “I suggested after going through the first couple weeks that I would nominate him for sainthood, that he kept his patience.”

“But you know, it got off to a slow start,” he continued.”The president and I were as frustrated as anyone you ever knew. But, it’s basically fixed.”

Biden also claimed that “more than five million people now have signed up for the private health plans through the marketplace.” While the Obama administration refused to reveal how many people have enrolled and paid for insurance plans through the exchanges, even White House press secretary Jay Carney admitted that one in five of the five million enrollees have only selected a plan and do not intend to pay. (RELATED: White House admits a fifth of Obamacare ‘enrollees’ won’t buy insurance)

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