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Editor doesn’t want to explain bisexuality to his 6-year-old

If Commentary Magazine’s John Podhoretz can’t manage to hide the Sunday New York Times magazine from his 6-year-old it might be time for Child Welfare Services to be called in. Podhoretz told the world over the weekend how inconvenienced he was that the NYT had decided to make the bisexuality their cover story.

The Mirror was puzzled why Podhoretz equates bisexuality to porn. It was a also a little TMI to learn that he probably has a stash of porn lurking somewhere in his house. It’s not like it’s beastiality or incest, Podwhore. Get a hold of yourself.

Washington, D.C. follower Sweet Dee Reynolds had some good advice. She replied, “Some people like boys, some like girls, some like boys and girls.” That doesn’t seem hard to me?” New York Times media editor Peter Lattman reasoned, “And those @nypost front pages staring at my kids every day on their way to school are always so enlightening.” Like many of the reactions, Samantha Davis was a little incensed at how stupid he could be: “And whose job is it to decide what NYT publishes? Feel free to censor your child, not media.” GOP consultant Cheri Jacobus agreed, instructing Podhoretz that, “It’s not the NYTimes job 2 decide when or if a parent has that discussion w/ a child & not yours 2 answer.”

Let’s hope Podhoretz (a.k.a. Podwhore) hid the other ‘too terrible for his 6-year-old mags.’ That might be the one headlined “Huma & Anthony, the private life of the former power couple.” Or these: “Sex Slaves on Main Street,” and “The Bipolar Kid.”