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Hit the sheets with Arianna Huffington for $69.99

And we’re talking an ivory, hotel grand, 600-thread count sheet set. You didn’t think Huffington Post Media Group‘s fearless leader Arianna Huffington slept between cheap sheets did you?

To slow down and create a life filled with balance, the international media mogul has written a new book, Thrive, in which she talks about her wake-up call to take it easy. Her personal awakening arrived in the the forms of a broken cheekbone and gash over her eye — accidents she says happened due to exhaustion and working too much. Sounding very Oprah-esque, she writes about how her frenzied life of money, power, business deadlines and dealing with family crisis all led to her “aha moment.” In honor of her new book, and to help you on your own path toward relaxation, Zulily, a shopping site for women, babies and kids, has allowed her to curate a bunch of her favorite items.

bedsThey include the aforementioned sheets along with a signed hardcover of her book for $14.99, Essence of Vali soothing sleep mist ($27.99), a stylish teapot and tea stand ($27.99), the Thrive audiobook for when you’re texting and driving and nearly crashing into the car in front of you ($19.99), a pink ribbed robe ($13.99), lotions and potions in kiwi and mandarine orange flavors ($10.99), an oatmeal throw blanket ($27.99), incredibly ugly but cozy looking spa socks in blinding sky blue and lavender ($14.99), a Five-Zone mattress topper (approx. $49.99), a chic white comforter set ($79.99), down comforters in a range of thread counts, siberian down pillows, actually seriously beautiful comforter sets that The Mirror may have to purchase one of these days (pictured above), bath gift sets in lavender or cherry blossom ($10.99), more ugly socks made of chenille ($8.99), fur throws  ($27.99). scented candles in an array of essences such as sandalwood, vanilla and tuberose ($9.99).

From March 24 – 27, Zulily will feature deep discounts on Arianna’s book and essential items to promote well-being in your life.