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Is Anthony Weiner’s pen mightier than his sword?

Get it? You get it.

Brendan Bordelon reports:

Former New York Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner is back, after Business Insider announced that the failed mayoral candidate will pen a monthly political op-ed for the online publication.

The new column, entitled “Weiner!”, aims to expose readers to the disgraced politician’s “unique combination of brashness and wonkiness.”

“Wonkiness” rhymes with “long penis,” sort of. That might be why Business Insider’s Hunter Walker thought of it when making the announcement. He also chose this telling phrase:

As a native New Yorker, Weiner isn’t afraid to throw elbows.

It wasn’t his elbows that got him in trouble, but whatever.

I know I speak for all fans of comedy when I welcome Mr. Weiner back into the pubic public realm. I can’t wait to ignore his tedious, predictable liberal opinions in lieu of making a whole bunch more dick jokes at his expense.