9 hotties rocking the handbra [SLIDESHOW]

Handbra: (\ˈhand\ ˈbrä\) In the absence of a traditional brassiere, a woman uses her hand to cover one or both of her breasts.

Here are nine hotties rocking the handbra.

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  • See? We don't break promises. (Photo: Sports Illustrated)
  • Rihanna is frequently topless, so it is unclear why she even needed a handbra here in the first place. (Photo: GQ)
  • Jessica White goes full-frontal handbra. (Photo: Sports Illustrated)
  • Bar Rafaeli used her handbra for good. (Photo: Sports Illustrated)
  • Miranda Kerr finesses the art of the handbra and the upper thigh underwear. (Photo: GQ via JustJared)
  • Nina Agdal skillfully employs the one-hand bra. (Photo: Editorialist)
  • This is not the first time Kate Upton's handbra will appear in this slideshow. (Photo: WhiteLies Magazine)
  • Heidi Klum was an early adopter of the handbra.
  • Katy Perry does the combination hand/ elbow bra. (Photo: Esquire)