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Bill de Blasio, defying type, denies Citi Bike a bailout

Photo of David Lawrence
David Lawrence
Author, 'The King of White-Collar Boxing'

Citi Bike is going broke. In the New York Post last year I wrote a letter to the editor about how bikes were a waste of time; costly, dangerous, and corny. That was at the beginning, before bikes proved themselves to be what I suspected — a waste of time.

Now Citi Bike is millions of dollars in debt. So we are draining the city to pay for some corny biking habits of pretend hipster bumpkins who want to pretend that the city is rural and go for a ride in the country when instead of trees there are cars, trucks, and buses.

Of course these fools think that they are going to reduce global warming by replacing a few cars with bicycles. Sure. China, India and the whole civilized world are going to give up their jeeps and ride bikes too. Not of necessity but environmental concern. They think they can change the climate. They think that they can turn the world flat again. No, they don’t think at all….

Bloomberg gave us the gift of utopian biking.  Now New Yorkers go to that big government, authoritarian, de Blasio, to bail it out.  But lo and behold, Mayor de Blasio refuses to bail the Citi Bike program out.

One wonders why. It is the perfect program for an oversized liberal. de Blasio can show his concern for the environment and give himself a bucolic image. He can follow in the footsteps of his fearful, climate change-conscious leader, Obama. He can be the perfect college sophomore and root for quaint bicycles over utilitarian Co2-spewing engines.

Perhaps de Blasio just wants to stick it to his predecessor, Bloomberg, for instituting a bicycle sharing program that failed. Perhaps de Blasio wants to stand out as a pragmatic leader. Fat chance. He is the fool who has attacked our effective charter schools and taxed rich New Yorkers rather than allowing Cuomo to pay the bill.

I never liked Bloomberg. But de Blasio is making him look good.