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University of Iowa denies HBO request to film ‘Girls’ there

The University of Iowa won’t give Lena Dunham permission to film her terrible show there.

Apparently, in the season three “Girls” finale, Dunham’s character Hannah is accepted into the university’s prestigious writers’ workshop, which we didn’t know because nobody watches it and/or cares about it anymore. (RELATED: Nobody cares about ‘Girls’ anymore)

HBO asked the school for permission to film scenes there for next season, but the school said no, because it would be a “disruption” (slash the school wanted absolutely nothing to do with the show because it wouldn’t want a photo of a naked Dunham every time the school was put into a Google image search — we’re guessing).

“While we are pleased that the Iowa Writers’ Workshop is receiving national attention and that our graduate is doing well in her career, our general practice is to not allow filming, due to potential disruption to campus,” spokesman Thomas Moore said in a statement, according to the Press-Citizen.

Sorry, Oberlin. Looks like you’re going to play the part of the University of Iowa in the fourth season of girls.

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