A salute to Cobie Smulders [SLIDESHOW]

The end of “How I Met Your Mother” is nigh (on April 1 to be exact), but these hot photos of Cobie Smulders will last forever.

As the series comes to an end, here is a salute to the hottest actress on the show.

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  • Or like this. We will miss you, Cobie. (Photo: Maxim)
  • We certainly don't mind when she poses half-naked. (Photo: Maxim)
  • Of course right. (Photo: Getty)
  • Right? (Photo: Getty)
  • She was the single dopest actress of the 21st century. (Photo: Getty)
  • But at least she will be on an even bigger screen in the "Captain America" movies. (Photo: Getty)
  • Our Tuesday nights will be so empty after "How I Met Your Mother" ends. (Photo: Getty)
  • Or better yet, her actual husband, "Saturday Night Live's" Taran Killam. (Photo: Getty)
  • We'd trade places with Barney any day. (Photo: Getty)
  • Cobie Smulders SMOLDERS in Maxim. Get it? (Photo: Maxim)