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Israel not cool with Bar Refaeli puppet sex [VIDEO]

It turns out that a puppet cannot have pretend sex with three Bar Refaeli clones and get away with it on primetime.

A television commercial featuring three clones of the clothing brand Hoodies was banned from airing until after 10 p.m.

The commercial — which doesn’t really make sense, but features a hot supermodel, so just go with it — depicts a puppet, Red Orbach, (who is apparently a big deal in Israel) in bed with “Barbie.”

He asks Barbie if things could get any better than their post-coital bliss and then discovers that yes, yes it can get better once Refaeli is cloned.

The three Bar Refaelis then sexily wash cars and play strip poker with the puppet.

You can watch the commercial here, or if you live in Israel after 10 p.m. on your local TV station.