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Feds discover 2 cross-border tunnels, more than 80 since 2006

Federal officials announced the discovery of two “sophisticated” smuggling tunnels in San Diego on Friday.

The two tunnels connected commercial buildings in a San Diego industrial park with Tijuana, Mexico warehouses across the border.

Officials said the tunnels likely cost millions to build and were used by the cartels to smuggle contraband, like drugs, into the United States. (RELATED: Report: Obama administration released 68,000 convicted criminal aliens last year)

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement reports that the first tunnel, discovered on Tuesday, ran about 600 yards in length and featured lighting, a crude rail system, and a pulley system at its San Diego exit to pull items up and out into a warehouse filled with merchandise, such as televisions and childrens toys.

Thanks to leads from the first tunnel officials discovered a second, longer tunnel on Thursday — which ran 700 yards and featured a more sophisticated rail system and ventilation equipment.

To date, one arrest has been made in conjunction with the discoveries: A 73-year-old Chula Vista woman who allegedly oversaw logistics at one of the tunnels.

The newly shuttered tunnels are the sixth and seventh border-crossing tunnels uncovered in San Diego in the less than four years.

According to ICE, if all seven tunnels were laid end to end, they would run a distance of nearly two miles.  Authorities have seized some 100 tons of narcotics associated with the San Diego tunnels. To date, however, no drugs have been found in connection with the newly-uncovered tunnels.

Since 2006, officials have discovered over 80 cross-border tunnels, mostly in California and Arizona.