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Say what? Ronan Farrow’s audience thinks MSNBC needs to report MORE on the Koch brothers [VIDEO]

MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow may be the smartest voice of his generation (he is, after all, a Rhodes scholar), but even his hyper-liberal insights couldn’t match his audience’s craving for anti-Koch stories this week.

The 26-year-old wunderkind seemed surprised when his viewers overwhelmingly selected Charles and David Koch’s political ties as the most underreported story on MSNBC — despite an undeniable glut of coverage on the billionaire brothers’ contributions to anti-Democratic electoral groups.

Because Farrow fancies himself the kind of journalist that covers the in-depth news other ratings-obsessed reporters scorn, he holds a weekly segment on the most underreported story in American media and promises to report more on the winner. This Friday the contenders were oil spills in Texas, an Ebola outbreak in West Africa and “the Democrat’s feud with the Koch brothers.”

The Kochs “won” in a landslide, taking a 49 percent plurality of the few aging liberals who actually watch “Ronan Farrow Daily.”

“So y’all asked why the Koch brothers haven’t received more coverage,” Farrow said. “The thing is… they kind of have.”

Cue a montage of MSNBC hosts — from Chris Matthews to Al Sharpton — blasting Charles and David Koch and elevating their Democratic critics to primetime. Anchors left out include Ed Schultz, who called the Kochs “bastards” for talking to him about cancer and women, and Rachael Maddow, whose refused to retract her unhinged and inaccurate reporting that Charles and David Koch were involved in a Florida campaign to drug test welfare recipients.

“So, we do feel the Koch brothers are getting a fair amount of coverage,” Farrow said nervously. “But when we get the choice, uh, the influx of money into politics is uh, a big issue on all political sides of the spectrum, so we are always going to go with covering it.”

“And that is therefore a story we will stay with,” he addded. “Democrats and Republicans and big donors across the board.”

Hate to break it to Farrow, but his viewers are probably not interested in Democrats’ long-time sugar daddy George Soros, or billionaire climate alarmist Tom Steyer’s $100 million anti-Republican money bomb. And Farrow himself is unlikely to cover these “big donors” with the same zeal he and his network have pursued Charles and David Koch.

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