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              In this June 23, 2013 photo, an American flag and a LGBT Rainbow flag are displayed on the ferry dock in the Fire Island community of Cherry Grove, N.Y.  The 1969 Stonewall uprising in New York City is generally accepted as the Lexington and Concord of the gay rights revolution - the first shots in a battle that eventually led to last week

White House silent on gay intolerance

Photo of Neil Munro
Neil Munro
White House Correspondent

White House spokesman Josh Earnest today claimed he could not comment on gay advocates’ successful campaign to fire the new CEO of Mozilla Corp.

“Does the White House think that there should at least be tolerance… and that there should be other views heard?” Fox News’ Ed Henry asked.

“I certainly understand why an issue like this has been in the news, and why a lot of people are talking about it, but I’m not going to be in a position to weigh in on decisions made by a private company,” he said.

Earnest made the claim even though his boss, President Barack Obama, repeatedly weighs in on decisions made by companies, usually by praising them for paying their workers above minimum-wage.

“Their hypocrisy is obvious,” Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage.

“Are you an ostrich? All of us know why [the Mozilla CEO] resigned — it’s because of the relentless attacks fueled by the same sort of rhetoric that you find the White House using,” he added.

Marriage advocates have been repeatedly targeted for attacks, harassment, boycotts, threats and the illegal leak of information from the Internal Revenue Service, Brown said.

The leaked data was made public in 2012 by the Human Rights Campaign.

Since then, Obama and his deputies have repeatedly aided gay advocacy movements. For example, Obama taped a speech for the HRC’s 2013 dinner, and Vice President Joe Biden headlined the 2014 dinner, where he defined people who disagree with gay advocates as haters.

“Hate, hate can never, never be defended,” Biden declared.

Gay activists say they support tolerance and civil rights, Brown added, but they’re “now launching a new blacklist… [which] is absolutely intolerant of anyone who deviates from their party line.”

“Many of the major groups have gotten to the point where they want to win at all costs, and now [for them] dissent equals hatred,” he said.

The attacks are motivated by gay activists’ determination to make people celebrate homosexuality, he said. “It has never been about civil rights or equality or even tolerance [for gays] — it has been about forced acceptance, and now it is saying ‘You have to be positively celebrating same-sex marriage or you will be punished.’”