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‘Get the F*CK outta here!’ Ed Schultz berates ‘a**hole’ caller before kicking him off radio show

Liberal radio and television host Ed Schultz lost it during a call on his radio show last Tuesday, labeling the caller a “frickin’ asshole” before commanding him to “get the FUCK outta here” — a declaration he appeared to immediately regret.

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham discovered the clip, replaying Schultz’s on-air meltdown on her Monday radio show. Context is scarce, but Schultz’s caller seems be ranting about “fascism” and Schultz’s role in continuing to “make these people wealthy.”

“I — I am going to feel very, very bad if you have a stroke on this radio show,” Schultz begins. “Settle down. First of all, you — you, you jump three steps ahead — is that what you want to reduce this conversation to?”

The caller begins to respond, but Schultz cuts in almost immediately. “Well you’re a frickin’ asshole, how ’bout that?” he snarls. “Get out — get the FUCK out of here. How ’bout that?”

“I mean gimme a — I’m sure they hit the seven-second delay on that one,” Schultz continues once the line goes dead. “I — I just lost it on that guy. I mean, I — I can take the conversation, I’m not gonna take the personal insults. You know.”

“And so I hope that that didn’t go out, did we catch that one?” the radio host asks plaintively. “I need some direction! Did we catch that one? Yes or no?”

No Ed, they did not.

Viciously punting a caller from his program seems like a strange move for Schultz, whose website boasts that he “keeps the lines wide open for his listeners” and that “no radio talk show is more accessible.” But last October, he kicked a right-wing veteran off the air after declaring him “full of crap.”

Losing his professional cool is also something of a theme for the MSNBC star. Schultz had a massive profanity fit (complete with a tearful apology) after being left out of the network’s promotional material in 2010.

[h/t Laura Ingraham]

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