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Hamster butts are all the rage, if you’re into that sort of thing

HuffPost Garbage Bag, our ongoing feature on HuffPost‘s endless trail of junk on the site, gets a new entry today.

It’s hamster butts.

They stripped them from a Japanese Facebook page. No mention of actor Richard Gere or his rectum, but no doubt he’d get a kick out of some of these fluffballs. Actually the rumor about Gere involved a gerbil, but when he addressed the matter he said “hamster.” He’s quoted as saying the incident was an urban myth.

Think of this one as BuzzFeed on crack. And if you’re easily turned on, may want to skip this one.

Not surprisingly, there’s no byline. Wonder why no one at HuffPost would want their name attached to a listicle involving ripe hamster asses.