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See what happens when a Mediaite editor-in-chief trolls Donald Trump

On Friday night, Mediaite Editor-in-Chief Andrew Kirell went trolling. Unable to go an hour without having his ego stroked, real estate mogul Donald Trump bit. It all started when Trump started attacking CNN, a network on which he has appeared countless times, especially in The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.

“I can’t believe that @CNN would waste time and money with @smerconish – he has got nothing going. Jeff Zucker must be losing his touch!” wrote Trump on Twitter. He later continued, “I hate what has happened to the once great @CNN.”

“Oh good,” Kirell replied to Trump. “You have opinions.”

Two minutes later, Kirell dropped the bait.


Kirell was referring to Matthew Boyle of Breitbart News, who interviewed (and I use that word loosely) — more like took dictation from — Trump on BuzzFeed‘s McKay Coppins and quoted him saying that the married Coppins behaved flirtatiously toward a waitress at his Mar-a-Lago resort and remarked on a number of women there.

But I digress.

Trump, as you can see below, oozes confidence and thinks his late-show would go over smashingly well.

Just two minutes after Kirell’s fake compliment, success! (For the confused, Trump forgot the last set of quotes. His reply is the last sentence.)


At 10:15 p.m. Kirell couldn’t help but take a victory lap.

The Mirror asked Kirell about feeding Trump’s ego.

“That was lots of fun,” he said by email. “It was only a matter of time before he made some sort of claim that he’s a potential successor, according to sources who gave a quote to Matt Boyle. ”I figured I’d expedite the process by trolling him into that self-aggrandizement, saving us all the time of clicking into a Breitbart EXCLUSIVE.”

Kirell explained that Trump’s response to any media news generally boils down to this: “This other person or thing sucks, and I would obviously be better at it. I’m sure if you asked him, he’d tell you he’d make a better novelist than Cormac McCarthy; a better outfielder than Mike Trout; and a better NSA leaker than Edward Snowden. He definitely knows it’s an impossibility, but the sad part is that he might be self-deluded enough to genuinely believe he’d be a great choice to succeed Letterman.”

Note to Mirror readers: Last week, I too, fed Trump’s ego. Could this be a new pastime? See what happened.