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Maddow furious over Sebelius resignation: ‘Snatching political defeat from the jaws of victory’ [VIDEO]

Many Democrats — particularly those in the Obama administration — expressed relief and optimism following Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ resignation announcement late on Thursday, viewing it as a chance to put Obamacare’s troubled rollout behind them.

But Rachel Maddow, one of MSNBC’s most prominent Democratic sympathizers, struck a very different tune Thursday night, claiming she’s “absolutely mystified” by the Obama administration’s decision and describing it as “snatching political defeat from the jaws of victory.” (RELATED: Sebelius can’t find page of her resignation speech after glitch-filled tenure) 

Maddow explained that “after the rocky start, Obamacare turned out — it worked… And so now Kathleen Sebelius has to go? Why now? Because the administration can’t resist stepping on its own tail and turning the first good news cycle they’ve had about Obamacare since it passed into a story instead about firing people for Obamacare’s failures? Why now?”

She called shenanigans on the White House’s explanation that Sebelius had planned on resigning all along, pointing to a Huffington Post interview last week where the secretary said she would remain until November.

Maddow compared the move to a come-from-behind baseball team winning a championship after a rough season, only to turn around and fire the coach in the middle of a victory lap.

“I am — as a matter of political, tactical maneuvering here, I am absolutely mystified that they let this happen right now,” she concluded. “Snatching political defeat from the jaws of victory.”

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