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Man dramatizes Reggie Love’s lunch date

A man calling himself Elmer Thomas Williams (Twitter handle: @CommonSense39) took my story on Reggie Love this week and dramatized it into a video. He dons dark shades just like Reggie’s, he sings, he dances. The name he gave his YouTube video: “Obama’s body man Reggie Love says it was HARD being Obama’s girl.”

Williams, who announces that his website is, thinks Reggie and President Obama are more than just friends – something I definitely did not say or insinuate in my story. He suggests their theme song is Kool & The Gang’s “Get down on it.” Williams takes liberties with the word “flexibility.” On Reggie’s former duties at the White House, he says,  ”You better believe he’s caring for his needs… You tough guys, I’m just warning you. Reggie Love was caring for the President’s needs. Not my words. I’m just reading the story. I just report the news. Don’t get mad at the messenger.”

Taking Reggie’s lunch at Washington’s BLT Steak from the story — a salad with shrimp, a mushroom dish, a gargantuan popover and a exquisite plate of french fries — and says, “How dare you Reggie Love eat that fattening stuff. The Obamas can eat that, but not you.”

Watch the six-minute video below. It’s well worth the six minutes.