10 old-school Playboy bunnies, because it’s Easter [SLIDESHOW]

Since adults can’t get excited about the Easter bunny anymore, (spoiler alert: he’s not real!), there are certain types of bunnies those over the age of 18 can legally get excited about.

Here are 10 old-school Playboy bunnies, because it’s Easter, and they are dressed like rabbits.

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  • What is better than one Playboy bunny? Lots of them!
  • Deanna is de-lightful.
  • We're sure you brought a lot of men joy back in the day, Joy.
  • Valerie's multicolored costume was just groundbreaking at the time when most Playboy bunny outfits were pink or red.
  • Steve Miller's line "I really love your peaches, want to shake your tree," could very well be about Georgia here. (Get it? Because of Georgia peaches?)
  • Here is Helena, sitting pretty.
  • Heather's quote is truly an inspiration to women everywhere.
  • Regina here is pretty in pink.
  • Gina here looks as happy as a kid who found the $20 bill during the Easter egg hunt.
  • What do Daria and Rene have in common with the Easter bunny? They all bring either candy or eye candy to the table.

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