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Today is Earth Day, and NASA requires you to care

Remember way back when the National Aeronautics and Space Administration did stuff involving, y’know, aeronautics and space? Thank goodness those days are over! Now NASA is all about spending your tax dollars to promote leftist agenda items.

Courtesy of Twitchy, here’s what those former explorers are up to these days:

Hey, #GlobalSelfies! That’s a really good idea, because… um… well, it’s not actually hurting anybody, is it? And people get to take pictures and send them to NASA. Who needs to go to other planets when you can prove you’re on this one?

I’m gonna get in on this action:

You know what? They’re right. It really does feel good to save the planet. Thank you, NASA. And more importantly, thank me! I sure do.

Be sure to send your #GlobalSelfie to @NASA right away. Earth Day 2015 will be here before you know it!