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Willie Nelson’s daughter arrested for weed possession on 4/20

The apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it?

Avid marijuana fan Willie Nelson’s 44-year-old daughter Paula was arrested for marijuana possession on 4/20 in Menard, Texas, KXAN Austin reports.

April 20 is practically a national holiday in weed culture when pot smokers gather together to get as high as possible.

Willie, of course, has had numerous run-ins with the law over him having weed and the law being against that.

Paula took the arrest as an opportunity to tout marijuana legalization and pimp out her new record on her Facebook page (where she also proudly posted her own mugshot): 

 “I want to make sure that everyone knows i am not bad mouthing the officers involved in my arrest. I know they were just doing their jobs.. And they were very nice about it.. It would have been better had they smiled and let me go on my way home. But they don’t make the laws. That is where we come in..

Speak up on ‘Legalizing’ where it counts the most in your state. It’s ‘bad people’ who make ‘bad cops’ not the police as a whole.. Like i said all of the ‘people of the law’ i met during my 4/20 adventure were great and i’m better for meeting them. I made good friends in that police station . I’ve noticed a lot negative police comments.. I assure you the people i met involved were class act folks And again i thank them for being so kind AND the great publicity for the new Cd ‘Under The Influence’ xoxoox”

Willie must be so proud.

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