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Great Other Game of Thrones / Game of Thrones Youtube screenshot Great Other Game of Thrones / Game of Thrones Youtube screenshot  

Game of Thrones Review: Even Diehard Fans Were Shocked To Meet This Monster

Look at that face. This is the great evil that threatens each and every character in “Game of Thrones,” whether they know it or not.

Of course, GOT is only the name of the television series. The book series is called, “A Song of Ice and Fire,” and it’s called that for a reason. At one end of the narrative spectrum, there are fire-breathing dragons, vast deserts and hot summer days. At the other end, there are the Lands of Always Winter, endless snowy tundras… and pale beings of unspeakable evil. Was that an icy crown upon their leader’s head? (RELATED: Game of Thrones: Misery for all!)

To understand this monster-man–who appears at the close of the increasingly grim fourth hour of GOT’s fourth season–it is necessary to look at the scenes that precede him.