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Here’s An E-mail I Just Got About The Irrefutable Evidence That America Is Racist

Y’know, like I explained yesterday. I wielded the truth like the blazing sword of an angel, cutting through all the crap from you pack of racists who call yourselves “America.”

I just got a great letter about it. Here it is, unedited, in its entirety, and without further comment.

To: [ME]
Subject: New poll on racism
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2014 12:01:11

Jim, do you believe what you write? Name a single person who believes that to disagree with Obama constitutes racism. You can’t. You should be ashamed of yourself for lying and propagandizing in an effort to sabotage a duly elected president. If you have a criticism, make it. But to stoop to such low means indicates that you cannot substantiate your opinions with actual truth. Some people do that because they’re brainwashed, others because they are just sore losers, and very likely many will use that dishonest approach due to their racism whether they realize that or not. It’s a tough time to deny racism in America, or to deny racism directed at Obama. On the other hand, there are many who disagree with Obama simply because they honestly disagree. Your binary approach is, on its face, dishonest, manipulative and unsustainable under any scrutiny which applies logic. Your positions against Obamna are weak because of the dishonesty you display. Will you fool some people? Sure. It’s easy these days with so many looking for support for their unsubstantiated criticim, and irratiuonal hatred for Obama for whatever reason. What a lousy excuse for a citizen you are!