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WH Press Sec. Jay Carney Celebrates National Honesty Day By Lying Some More About Benghazi

Here’s why it doesn’t matter that the White House told Susan Rice to lie about Benghazi. Carney explains it to ABC’s Jonathan Karl, one of the few MSM reporters who’s been asking questions about Benghazi that the Obama administration doesn’t want to answer:

Somebody needs to adjust the Carney unit’s speech circuits. Its “I would refer you to” code has gone into a loop.

Lie, deflect, obfuscate, dismiss, filibuster… Same old Carney.

Susan Rice did not go out there with the best information they had at the time, and now we have solid proof of it.

Bring it on, #BenghaziDeniers.

Update: How many people at ABC News are sick of being lied to by these creeps? Here’s another one:

Update: Benghazi email isn’t about Benghazi, says Carney.