Emma Stone’s Hottest Moments [SLIDESHOW]

TheDC Entertainment

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” which hits theaters this weekend, is getting terrible early reviews.

But you know what will never get terrible reviews? Emma Stone’s (who plays Gwen Stacy in the film) hottest moments.

Here they are:

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  • Whether she's in a bikini...(Photo: Vanity Fair)
  • Emma always looks hot (Photo: Getty)
  • It helps when she wears a sheer, white bra...
  • and a really lovely personality. (Photo: Getty)
  • ...or a sweater... (Photo: Getty)
  • and like she has a great sense of humor (Photo: Creative Commons)
  • ...or a super hot yellow gown. (Photo: Getty)
  • But regardless, she always looks really hot...(Photo: Getty)
  • ...especially in a corset. (Photo: Sony Pictures)