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Floyd Mayweather’s Unique Pre-Fight Ritual

Floyd Mayweather may be a tough fighter in the ring, but he has some pretty feminine taste when it comes to his time off. A video posted Friday, the day before Mayweather’s primetime match against Marcos Maidana, showed the boxing star getting primped at a spa with none other than Justin Bieber.

Bieber posted the video on his Instagram. Mayweather is getting a pedicure while Bieber gets a massage in a dimly lit room. Mayweather looks at the camera and says it’s, “the good life … pedicure, massage … we make it do what it do.”

Bieber and Mayweather are known friends; Bieber has accompanied Mayweather on his walk-out into the ring before. It still raises the question as to whether this is an acceptable pre-fight ritual though. Pedicures don’t exactly strike fear into the hearts of your opponent as much as a war dance might. Or a ritual sacrifice.

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