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This is America. (Photo: Jamie Squire/ Getty) This is America. (Photo: Jamie Squire/ Getty)  

The Most Outrageous Kentucky Derby Hats [SLIDESHOW]

Forget the ponies. They are a sideshow compared to the ridiculous headwear of the betting-elite.

Churchill Downs offers a wide array of beauty during the Kentucky Derby. You might spot the breathtaking Garland of Roses or hear the rhythm of “My Kentucky Home.”

But the real focus should be on the fancy woman with her mint julep cocktail in hand with a peacock on her head.

It’s not always the famous that rock this horse show, though. Even the locals and diehards step out with some serious fashion statements on this first week of May.

Hats off to them.

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  • What is even going on here? Kate, your hat has highlights. (Photo: Michal Loccisano/ Getty)
  • This cannot be saved with a poker face. Jennifer Tilly, good job. (Photo: Michael Loccisano/ Getty)
  • Creativity at its finest. These fans are feeling it. (Photo: Jamey Price/ Getty)
  • Cyndi Lauper is ready to have fun. However, someone might want to inform her a small UFO has landed on her head. (Photo: Joey Foley/ Getty for Moet)
  • I'm sorry, but does the United States Botanic Garden realize one of its flowers escaped onto the head of Coco Rocha? (Photo: Mike Coppola/ Getty for Moet and Chandon)
  • Star Jones is sporting one too many feathers. (Photo: Michael Loccisano/ Getty)
  • This is priceless and everyone should own one. (Photo: Jamie Squire/ Getty)
  • Eric Williams gets it. This is a definite slam dunk. (Photo: Jeff Gentner/ Getty)
  • Cressida Meier trying a little too hard. Props for being able to balance that bow though. (Photo: Harry How/ Getty)