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Hillary Clinton testifies on Benghazi. Reuters. Hillary Clinton testifies on Benghazi. Reuters.  

If The Cover-Up Is Worse Than the Crime – What Was The Crime?

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John Linder
Former Congressman

They say that the cover-up is worse than the crime. That was certainly true with Watergate. A break-in of the Democrat campaign offices would have been a one-day story if Nixon had apologized and fired a few people. Instead he involved himself in a presidential cover-up that included suborning perjury, raising payoff cash and attempting to use government agencies to harass opponents. He paid for it.

In the matter of Benghazi we still do not know what the crime was. We know that most of the Americans working in the consulate worked for the CIA not the State Department. We don’t know what they were doing there and our government remains unwilling to disclose it.

We don’t know why no effort was made to save them. The explanation that there wasn’t time to get relief to them falls of its own weight. No one had any idea how long the fight would go on. Yet no one in the media seems to care.

Our government knows that terrorists aligned with Al Qaida were the leaders of the attack. While the media has interviewed some of them, no one questions why the terrorists remain at large.

The recent disclosure of an email discussing the preparation of United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice for her television appearances is illuminating. She was instructed “to underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure of policy.”

At no point in the assessment did the CIA or the Defense Department or the State Department ever mention a video. That was a contrivance of the White House. Six weeks before an election, politics subsumed policy.

Now we face a circumstance that no sentient person in a free society could ever imagine. The cover-up of the cover-up constructed by our lap-dog media.

It started early. Shortly after the attack, Mitt Romney responded to what was an act of war by criticizing a press release from our embassy in Cairo which had apologized for a video.

On September 12, Romney held a press conference and the reporters, waiting for his appearance, were heard on an open microphone coordinating their assault on Romney.

Morning Joe went so far as to blame Romney for diverting media attention from the attack itself. Think about that. A presidential candidate comments on an act of war and the media accuses him of distracting them from covering that act of war.

In the Rose Garden that day the president continued the bogus video narrative. No one asked where he was that evening and to whom he spoke. Instead they continued to question Romney’s judgment on a foreign policy issue.

Just two days later, as Bill O’Reilly of Fox News was expressing doubt about the video narrative, Associated Press reporter Matt Lee emailed State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland, expressing his concern over O’Reilly’s comments. Nuland attempted to ease his mind by pointing to a Politico article: “Mike Allen piece now on Drudge rebutting.”