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              FILE - In this Nov. 2005 file photo, public information director Larry Greene is shown in the death chamber at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville, Ohio.  Ohio prison officials said Friday, Oct. 4, 2013,  they are keeping their primary lethal injection drug in place despite the state

Obama Doesn’t Like 45-Minute Executions, So American Juries Are Racist

Photo of David Lawrence
David Lawrence
Author, 'The King of White-Collar Boxing'

Obama promised to bring all the races and states together. So what is he doing telling a French reporter that American jurors and judges might be prejudiced against African-Americans, in the context of a cruel but unrelated botched execution? Seems like divisiveness rather than cohesiveness. Seems like he is feigning concern for racial tensions while he is neurotically exacerbating them.

“What happened in Oklahoma was deeply troubling,” said Obama, referring to Clayton Lockett, a rapist and murderer who buried an innocent girl, Stephanie Niemen, alive. He didn’t say that Lockett’s vile deed was troubling. He said that his botched execution took forty-five minutes and that that was troubling.

Let’s get this straight, Nieman being dead for all of eternity is not troubling but her killer, Lockett, suffering for a few extra minutes is troubling. Stephanie was punished for far too long, and there wasn’t even a reason. What’s really troubling is that our President has no ability to weigh the relative pain of various punishments — forty-five minutes versus eternity.

Obama cares too much about the length of time of Lockett’s dying. A little shorter, a little longer is not the issue. The problem is that Obama is presiding over a country where violence is prevalent and he has done nothing to calm it. His city of Chicago is one of the worst, so bad the police are doctoring the murder rate.

The same way we ask Muslims to speak out against Islamist atrocities — or ask white people to check their privilege — I criticize Obama for not focusing on the horrors of murder rather than spreading empathy like butter across the killers. Victims are his fodder. He abuses them by not sympathizing enough with them and not placing the blame where the blame belongs, on the killers.

Obama went on in the Rose Garden to garble the typical liberal talking point that uneven application of the death penalty raises questions about whether or not it should be applied.

The liberal order is changing the social structure of our country. We now have gay marriages, legalized marijuana, and mandated healthcare. Did the president ever stop to think about the results of these changes? Does he only think of removing restrictions so that we can have illusory freedoms? Does he not realize that some freedoms come with a cost? That utopia has consequences?

As to killer Lockett, sticking up for him is an insult to the dead girl, Nieman, who was buried alive, or her friend Summer, who was raped.

It’s time Obama started caring about the Stephanie Niemans of the world rather than the Clayton Locketts. Going against the grain is not a sign of wisdom. It is confused, not superior.