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Why Is Thomas Roberts of Fox News Such a Racist Against Mexicans?

Whoops. Did I say Fox News? I meant MSNBC!

Courtesy of Newsbusters:

Cinco de Mayo is an excuse for white people to be racist against Mexicans on national TV, apparently?

Host Thomas Roberts is so proud of that momento mágico, he tweeted about it:

Which prompted me to ask:


I’m not expecting a response, but I’ll let you know if I get one.

And now, an explanation for stupid people, AKA MSNBC’s core audience: I don’t actually think these guys are racist for doing this. It’s silly and dumb, but it’s not racist.

However, if FNC ever dared to pull a stunt like this, Media Matters and “Think” “Progress” and the rest of those miserable drones would lurch into Red Alert. And you’re damn right if you think MSNBC would back them up. It would be further proof that the people they don’t like are racists, just like everything else done by the people they don’t like proves they’re racists.

Lefties hate hypocrisy and double standards, but never more than when you point out theirs.