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2014 WHCD Superlatives: Read At Your Own Risk

Dumbest Question of the weekend: Vox Media moves down to kindergarten level, asking, “What is a White House Correspondent?”


Most random sighting: The white-haired dude from the Dos Equis beer commercials: Jonathan Goldsmith. He was everywhere and everyone wanted pictures with him.

Brooklyn Decker & Nancy o'Dell 6956

Most confused red carpet moment: Hey, is that Nancy O’Dell or Brooklyn Decker? Even an employee of the Canadian Embassy had no idea how to distinguish these tall blondes. Although it didn’t stop him from declaring that O’Dell, who works for ET, was Decker, who is a model. Way to confuse reporters! Photograph by Patrick Ryan.


Best hair: Spotted at the LGBT panel at the Park Hyatt.

Most talked about drink: The Spike Mendelsohn-inspired maple whiskey milkshakes at The Hill/Entertainment Tonight‘s Canadian Embassy party.

Most approachable star: Seth Meyer‘s musical director Fred Armison. He was funny, down-to-earth and didn’t take the whole thing too seriously. Armison came to the WHCD as the date of Mother Jones Washington Bureau Chief David Corn.

Embassy of Canada 6877

Most spectacular view: There are many in Washington and no doubt the view from the Hay Adams rooftop for the Thomson-Reuters Sunday brunch was out of this world. But the award-winning view has to go to The Hill/Entertainment Tonight party at the Canadian Embassy. Photograph by Patrick Ryan. 

Biggest balls of the weekend: Aside from BuzzFeed‘s Andrew Kaczynksi humble-bragging a 12-mile run along the monuments and filming it (eye roll, can’t he just enjoy his run?), this has to go to The Daily Beast‘s Josh Rogin, who broke the news that yeah, he really did sneak into the Trilateral Commission and record Sec. of State John Kerry‘s remarks. “Damn Right I Taped Sec. Kerry’s ‘Apartheid’ talk,” the headline blared on Friday. Politico‘s Dylan Byers called it “blustery and self-righteous.” Best lines of the story: “While I was waiting for Kerry to get to the meeting, I partook of the lunch buffet and made myself a plate of pork loin, chicken, and a very nice rice pilaf. Professor Nye, my apologies. Please send me a bill.”


Most likely to crash Tammy Haddad’s brunch next year: This guy (as pictured above). He showed up the The Atlantic/NJ LGBT panel moderated by Steve Clemons, who remarked that this is the way he wants his employees dressed at the cafe he will one day own.

Seriously overplayed: The cast of ABC’s Scandal. I really love this show. But please make them go away. If I have to hear actor Dan Bucatinsky‘s (who plays James, Cyrus‘ husband) view on anything anymore or hear another one his dead jokes or how he gave Cyrus a blow job on camera (yes, we know, it’s acting) I’m going to fantasize about Shonda Rhimes killing him off – again.

WHCD = What Horrible Clothing Decisions 


The guy who wore these to the Yahoo! News pre-party at the Hilton said he wore them because he saw them on Justin Timberlake.

And other poor choices…


Too wrinkled. 


Unflattering for the shape. 


The jury’s still out on this one. 


Beautiful color but unflattering for the shape. 

Best Dressed…


Unidentified woman in floral dress. 


A Sri Lankan visitor named Leah Bazelgette. 


Katherine McPhee of American Idol fame. She came with FNC’s Greta Van Susteren and her husband John Coale.


Not everyone can pull off a bow-tie. But this guy can and did. 


Basic black, like this, is beautiful. 

WHAT?: Some White House reporters like American Urban Radio’s April Ryan did not get the gift bag at the Time-People party Friday night. She attended, but what, they couldn’t splurge? What the hell? The only point of attending that party is that 400-pound gift bag you get on the way out.


Best neckline of the weekend: See above. Who does this belong to? To the few people who know, shhhh.

Most unfriendly star: Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara. One reporter who met her previously was digging for something in her bag when Sofia snapped, “Hurry up!” Others said she was standoffish.

photo-108Most likely to be confused for a GQ model: MSNBC’s Touré smoothly walks the red carpet of the Canadian Embassy.

Best off the cuff remark: “They have to hate each other at this point.” — a journalist commenting on co-authors Jonathan Allen of Bloomberg and Amie Parnes of The Hill, who are joined at the hip as they continue to promote HRC.

Windiest moment: On Sunday, the Yahoo! News‘ brunch was held on the rooftop of Newseum. One partygoer had a Marilyn Monroe moment when her dress flew up outside. She stayed safely indoors for the rest of the party.

SneakiestDrudge and TWT‘s Charlie Hurt and former New York Post colleague and Washington Bureau Chief Geoff Earle walked behind the red carpet at the Canadian Embassy party, avoiding the spotlight entirely while other reporters were forced to parade their asses before the cameras.

Biggest dick of the weekend: Actor Jeffrey Tambor for his awful behavior toward NPR’s Kitty Eisele at a Creative Coalition event at STK. See the details.

Blind q of the weekend: “Are So and So and So and So still sleeping together?” (Referring to two D.C. journos, one married, one not.)