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Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel reacts to a fourth-quarter interception against the Duke Blue Devils in the 2013 Chick-fil-A Bowl at the Georgia Dome. (Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY)

Are You Smart Enough To Get Drafted By The NFL?

As the NFL draft looms Thursday, many quarterback hopefuls are anxious to see where they’ll land.

While they got a chance to show off their physical talents in the combine earlier in the year, they also are required to take a timed psychological test named the Wonderlic.

The Wonderlic test is supposed to measure cognitive ability as it pertains to learning and problem solving. It features questions ranging from basic math problems to word definitions. While all positions take the test, teams tend to only really care about the scores of prospective quarterbacks.

Punter Pat McInally is the only player known to have a perfect score of 50, reports Sports Illustrated. The scores are hotly debated as to whether they actually can determine the success of a player. One good example of a large discrepancy is the Manning brothers. Soon-to-be hall-of-famer Peyton scored a 28, while his brother Eli scored 39.

One of the most talked about 2014 hopefuls, Johnny Football scored a 32. That puts him well above Vince Young’s disastrous 6, but below Tony Romo’s 37. So where do you stack up? Football IQ Score has provided a truncated version, as well a full length test, that supposedly mimics the questions in the Wonderlic. Would you be drafted?

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