Boobs And Pulp Fiction [SLIDESHOW]

(Photo: OCTPFAS)  (Photo: OCTPFAS)   

New York City’s Outdoor Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society members want to make reading sexy and remind people it’s legal to be topless in NYC. OCTPFAS members worked hard all weekend to make the world a more book and boob friendly place, by lounging around the city topless and reading books like “Moby Dick,” “Getting Off,” and “Abraham Lincoln, Presidential F**k Machine.”

Commenter northlondener gets it (as commenters generally do). “You seem to be enjoying yourself and helping to make reading fashionable and sociable — sounds heaps better than the average book group,” he said on the group’s blog.

Still don’t quite understand the concept? These photos should clear things up.

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  • Lounging on an "everything-friendly" deck. (Photo: OCTPFAS)
  • This picture screams "read a book!" (Photo: OCTPFAS)
  • Hello again topless woman who loves pulp fiction. (Photo: OCTPFAS)
  • I'm sure some reading happened here. (Photo: OCTPFAS)
  • Just a normal day in the park. (Photo: OCTPFAS)
  • You can really see her love for the cause! (Photo: OCTPFAS)
  • Ready to bare their breasts in any weather. (Photo: OCTPFAS)
  • Great view of the skyline. (Photo: OCTPFAS)
  • Topless women also need to eat. (Photo: OCTPFAS)

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