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Drunk Lady Acts Like A Drunk Lady, Keeps Interrupting Reporter’s Live Shot

The life of a television reporter can be tough. You have to deal with bad weather, unpredictable work schedules and sometimes cover stupid local stories, like a woman’s dog biting a child. Worse, sometimes that woman is a raging alcoholic and decides to interrupt your live shot.

That happened to one poor reporter when he was doing a story about a woman’s pitbull who bit a girl. The woman showed up to the shot and began slurring at him about non sequiturs.

She begins by talking about commercials for Dairy Queen’s Blizzard. She then starts laughing and says “you got an earpiece! Hey! The dude with the camera’s scared too man. Call him! D’you comprehend, I moved from California.”

The reporter, who tried first to laugh her off, and then ignore her, responds, “I know.” This incenses meth-y Martha, who angrily insists, “No, you don’t know. I moved from California in 2012. My parents gave me this house and my son wanted a dog, so I bought him a dog, and I was trying to get another dog. It’s not like some pitbull, dog, running around, get loose.”

The reporter luckily is able to complete his live shot and throw it back to the studio before the woman starts admitting to one previous dog fight. Don’t do drugs kids.

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