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              Occupy Wall Street protesters Eric Linkser, left and Cecily McMillan, right, take turns shouting information to protesters preparing to return to Zuccotti Park on Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2011, in New York. State Supreme Court Justice Michael Stallman upheld the city

The Legacy of Occupy Wall Street: Assaulting Police Officers

OWS might not have accomplished what they set out to do, whatever the hell that was. But at least they’re still victims!

Oh, those glorious days of squatting in parks and pooping on cop cars and tweeting about the failures of capitalism on their iPads. And now all that’s left is this. Jon Swain, The Guardian:

An Occupy Wall Street activist is facing up to seven years in prison after being convicted by a jury in Manhattan of assaulting a New York police officer as he led her out of a protest.

Cecily McMillan was on Monday afternoon found guilty of deliberately elbowing Officer Grantley Bovell in the face in March 2012…

Supporters of McMillan in the courtroom reacted furiously, shouting “shame” and screaming at the more than 30 police officers lining room 1116 at Manhattan criminal court…

McMillan was placed in handcuffs by police and led out of the courtroom as supporters went on shouting. “Corruption is the fuel, the court is the tool,” one chanted.

See, because it rhymes.

Oddly enough, the jury didn’t reconsider their verdict even though McMillan’s comrades chanted “Shame! Shame! Shame!” over and over. That usually works, doesn’t it?

There’s video of the incident, of course:

Downtwinkles to that.

Now McMillan is in Riker’s Island Correctional Facility, where she’s finally realizing her lifelong dream: room and board at the expense of the state. Congratulations.

(Hat tip: The Con Mom)