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Arab Journalists Take Middle Eastern Violence Down A Notch [VIDEO]

Jordanian viewers tuning into a political commentary show on Monday got a welcome reprieve from the scenes of war and devastation emanating from nearby Syria — instead enjoying the heart-warming spectacle of two bumbling journalists wrecking a studio while trying to kick each other in the shins.

Shaker al-Jawhari and Muhammad al-Jayousi, two commentators on opposite sides of the raging sectarian conflict next door, nearly came to blows during a broadcast on Jordan’s 7 Stars TV.

“You yourself used to publish my articles,” al-Jayousi said, according to translation from Memri TV, “until you deviated from the path.”

“As long as we’re talking about deviation,” al-Jawhari shot back, “a deviant is someone who supports the slaughtering of peoples. No, you are the deviant!”

There were a couple “shut-ups” thrown around, and things escalated quickly. The two both attempted to pick up the desk between them, inadvertently lifting up the table top and wrecking the studio.

A strange tug-of-war followed until al-Jawhari managed to break away long enough to give al-Jayousi a quick knock  on the shin. The journalists were then quickly separated.

The confrontation, which ended with no deaths or injuries outside of one bruised leg, gave many observers hope that peace in Syria and the broader Middle East may soon be at hand.

WATCH (video from Memri TV):

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