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#BenghaziDeniers Continue to Panic

Benghazi. Photo: AFP/Getty Images Benghazi. Photo: AFP/Getty Images  

This isn’t supposed to be happening. It’s May 2014. The election is long forgotten. The lies all worked. The cover-up was successful. Why are you teabagging racists still talking about some dumb ambassador’s murder? Dude, this was like two years ago!

Also, why aren’t you talking about stuff that happened 11 years ago instead?

There may be a civil war brewing within the increasingly empty halls of the Daily Beast. Yesterday, Michael Tomasky sputtered the following:


(Note: The asterisk stands for an “i.”)

Today, Ron Christie replied:


And then he proceeded to tear Tomasky a new assh*le.

(Note: This time, the asterisk stands for an “o.”)

This is a tough one. On one hand, Ron Christie is black, so if you disagree with him, somebody might call you a racist. On the other hand, Ron Christie is a Republican, so if you agree with him, nobody will like you.

You want people to like you, right?


P.S. A special welcome to all the lefties who clicked on this headline because it has the word “Benghazi” in it, and who will now leave lots of comments about why it doesn’t matter.