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An anti-abortion demonstrator (C) shouts at pro-choice demonstrators in front of the U.S. Supreme Court during the annual March for Life in Washington, January 22, 2014. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst An anti-abortion demonstrator (C) shouts at pro-choice demonstrators in front of the U.S. Supreme Court during the annual March for Life in Washington, January 22, 2014. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst  

The War On Women: Started And Continued By America’s Abortion Profiteers

In 2012, the Democratic Party successfully convinced a large part of the American public that Republicans wanted to wage a “War on Women.” With their chances of victory in November’s midterm elections looking increasingly slim, many Democrats are relitigating the non-existent “War” for 2014.

And what makes up this so-called “War,” according to Democrats? Mostly, it’s opposition to the unconstitutional contraception mandate, and opposition to abortion.

With only six months until Election Day, it’s time for conservatives to step up and remind the American people who is really waging a War on Women: the profiteers in our nation’s abortion clinics, and their allies in political office.

Consider the Michigan Senate race. Just last week, Rep. Gary Peters, a Democrat looking to join the upper chamber of Congress, was endorsed in an ad by one of the nation’s few late-term abortionists. In the ad, abortion clinic owner Renee Chelian told viewers of the ad that “choosing Gary Peters means protecting my daughter’s and your daughter’s future.”

Chelien, who owns three abortion clinics in Michigan that provide abortions up to 24 weeks’ gestation, did not address her in alleged support for women why it’s okay to kill unborn girls, which her three clinics do. They also didn’t explain why Chelian, whose organization backed President Obama in 2012, thinks that being paid to give women greater chances of breast cancer, emotional instability, and other devastating complications of abortion is morally acceptable. Finally, it is unknown if Chelian has ever explained why an annual income of over $200,000 to kill unborn girls and hurt their mothers is acceptable, even as she and her husband live in a 6,500 square-foot house.

I wonder if the majority of women who oppose late-term abortions agree with Chelian’s view that such abortions protect their daughters, both born and unborn?

Likewise, President Obama has long said his contraception mandate will help women control their bodies. There has been no word from the president and his allies at Planned Parenthood — who seem to love handing out contraception while aborting those children created when contraception fails — as to whether they will accept blame for promoting products that cause blood clots, increase the chances of breast cancer, and can kill people.

They also haven’t explained the relationship between increased use of contraception and greater incidence of abortion in society, or whether they will take responsibility for ignoring the accurate warnings of Humane Vitae about the effects of contraception on society writ large. Or why something the World Health Organization has classified as a Class I carcinogen should be mandated by the U.S. government.

Perhaps they could also explain whether abstinence, which has a 100 percent chance of success in preventing pregnancy, is an acceptable alternative to using cancer-causing pills that allow men to use and abuse women for sexual pleasure?

Like Chelian, Planned Parenthood makes money hand-over-fist by ignoring these and other important questions, while President Obama aims to make political gain from them. And groups like NARAL continue to push unconstitutional laws — like this one, which was overturned by two different courts and finally dropped by Montgomery County last week — that are aimed at pro-life clinics, but somehow exempt abortion clinics.

The facts are clear, and it’s time for Republicans to stop shaking in fear when the “War on Women” meme is brought up, as Mitt Romney did in 2012 by becoming the first modern Republican candidate for president to run an ad stating his support for abortion.