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‘We’re Going To Have To Be Gay For A Second’: You Won’t Believe How These Guys Got Rid Of Their Meth

It’s happened to everyone. You’re enjoying your evening, just driving with your buddy doing a little meth, when the cops come. You need to get rid of the drugs quickly, so what better option than making out with your friend of the same gender?

That’s what happened to two men in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Driver Derek Boff and his companion Timothy Povlick were stopped for a traffic violation. Povlick was arrested for multiple outstanding warrants and put in the back of the cop car. The cops didn’t know however that Povlick had three balls of meth stashed in his mouth.

They arrested Boff too and put him in the backseat with Povlick, then went to search the rest of the car, reports Arbroath blog. That’s when the cop’s dash cam picked up on some interesting visual and audio. Povlick tells Boff he’s eating the meth. Boff says he doesn’t want him to die by ODing.

They decide to exchange the drugs. One of the men says, “We’re going to have to be gay for a second.” They continue, “It’s nasty bro, I’m telling you. Do you wanna try it?” Boff says, “Try suck some of your saliva off of it and I will.” The two then kiss to exchange the meth ball.

The cops reviewed the dash cam footage after bringing the two kissing buddies in. Povlick admitted to swallowing the drugs and was subsequently rushed to the hospital where doctors were able to save his life.

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