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Progressive Media Is Tough on Obama, Says Progressive Media

Hey, remember when Keith Olbermann pretended to be a news anchor? So hilarious.

I challenge you to watch this frenzied babbling from March 2009 in its entirety:

If you couldn’t get through that whole mess (and there’s no shame in it if you couldn’t), the point is that Keith Olbermann really hates Bill O’Reilly.

Fast-forward five years. Today, the “victim” of O’Reilly’s “stalking,” who is now at the Huffington Post, said something really interesting:


Just quoting her own words. That’s fair game, right?

I hope Ms. Terkel, a completely impartial journalist and tough-as-nails White House critic, has recovered from her ordeal of being treated like a subject of journalism. And I look forward to future pronouncements about the nature of American media from her particular alternate reality.