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CapitalNY Includes Telling Disclosure On Firing of Jill Abramson

Joe Pompeo of CapitalNY has the most insider story of all so far regarding the firing of NYT Executive Editor Jill Abramson.

There are details of the “masthead/dept head” meeting at which editors were told the news. Some objected. Others raised concerns about how women in the newsroom who see Abramson as a “role model” might react. Times chairman Arthur Sulzburger wasn’t very sympathetic, saying women are sometimes fired, too.

The sources in Pompeo’s story include someone who was “present” and “sources with knowledge of the meeting.”

One such “present person” was Asst. Managing Editor Susan Chira.

Midway through his story is this interesting disclosure.

“Baquet also said a few words, telling his colleagues it would be weeks before he came to any decisions about reshuffling the rest of the masthead. The most pressing appointment will be his own successor, for which Chira and two other masthead figures, deputy managing editor Janet Elder and assistant managing editor Ian Fisher, are seen as likely contenders. (Disclosure: Chira’s daughter, Eliza Shapiro, is a reporter at Capital.)”

Hmmm…so Susan Chira was present at the meeting and Eliza Shapiro, Chira’s daughter, works at CapitalNY.

A lucky break for sure.